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MandarinClub as a language training experts, we have a very unique training model and curriculum. MandarinHouse was founded to provide the efficient study program and quality teaching service for our clients, we got so many famous corporate clients, for example, Sejong Univercity, Changchun Hella lights Co., Ltd., and so on, the employees from these companies take the Chinese lesson in our school, most of them said high comments of MandarinHouse, then introduce their family and friends to learn Chinese with us. We also have some cooperation of foreign agencies, for our students attentive service to provide more comprehensive, such as: South Lake Hotel, Tian An City, Up-up town , Garden Hotel, through our efforts to make our students more in the shortest period of time to adapt to life in Changchun and feel more comfortable and convenient.



Mandarin Club was founded in 2007, has a formal school qualifications awarded by the Department of Education.

We have been teaching Mandarin for more than 8 years, we have taught more than 4000 expatriate students and provided over 1000 of our best Chinese language teachers to various educational institutions over the world.

Mandarin Club is the largest and most professional Chinese language school in Changchun , with many multimedia classrooms, VIP classrooms.


Qualified and experienced teachers who are bilingual, degree qualified, certified and must have taken 200 hours comprehensively trained courses. And each teacher has an average of 500 Chinese teaching hours experience.We also have a continuous training and evaluation system for qualified teachers so as to ensure the teaching quality.

Our teachers must have good teaching skills and methods.They all hold Senior Certificate of TCSL (Certificate of Accreditation in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language) and have rich experience in teaching Mandarin.


Free trial lesson, to pay after satisfaction.

According to different levels of our students, provide primary Chinese, Intermediate Chinese, Advanced Chinese, HSK exam skills, Business Chinese and Chinese language courses for children.

Mandarin Club offers different types of courses, such as listening, speaking, reading and writing courses.

According to your purchasing Chinese course, Mandarin Club provides VIP tailor-make E-learning online assisted learning course.


Rich cultural activities and Chinese corner.

Our teachers will design the learning proposal for each student,and will provide exams,professional Study Reports and Learning Evaluations for each student.

School provides regular satisfaction investigation, Examination, Teaching evaluation, Tailored teaching plans.Custom services and guide of life.

Our Teachers


· High quality teachers with rich experiences for teaching Chinese as a foreign language and Chinese culture. Selecting training teachers is under rigorous procedures. The selected teachers are people who have majored in Teaching Chinese as a foreign language or English or have been studied abroad.

· We have comprehensive training system and evaluation system to select qualified teachers. Each qualified teacher must have taken 160 hours training course.

· We have comprehensive continuous training system and evaluation system for qualified teachers so as to ensure the teaching quality and teachers’ initiative in the long term.

· Original creation teaching theory to the rules of linguistics, mnemonics and Chinese language phenomenon. Gain a good reputation from our customers in Chinese teaching.

· Efficient teaching method such as “role-play” “games and practice” “language point and practice”“mnemonics practice” usually be used.

· Effective and practical materials and many kinds of teaching aid are provided to our students.



Our Consultant And Service Team





· Provide the most suitable learning proposal according to your learning expection and requirement.

· Provide customer satisfaction survey after students taking 20 hours and 40 hours lesson, in order to ensure the learning quality and teaching quality for you..

· Various culture activities are organized monthly.

· Our consultant team will provide exams and study evaluation report for every student, who has studied 20 hours and 40 hours lessons, in order to check their learning progress.

· Provide comprehensive arrangement of course time, teaching location and course canceling in time.

· There is periodical observation and evaluation appraisal for qualified teachers to ensure the professionalism of each teacher in our education department.


Corporate Mandarin Coaching To Enhance Your International Competitiveness!

Professional Assessment: we provide a tailor-made Requirement Analysis and Entrance Test.

Executive Private Class: special for the businessman who take much traveling and working, for those who opt for flexi hours, and those with special requirements at bilingual and materials.

Group Class: suitable for those who opt for regular teaching and more interaction with other students.

Culture programs: suitable for short-term corporate training and in-house culture and entertainment activities.

Chinese Art programs: suitable for cross cultural activities and social etiquette related learning such as Chinese chess, musical instruments, calligraphy and brush painting courses.

Training Fee: tuition will be customized based on different training content, and the corporation will get discount. Reasonable price will be offered.

Intercultural Training

Impact and collision happens among corporate executives in management philosophies and management methods because of the differences between cultures, management philosophies, management systems and management methods. Misunderstanding and unnecessary friction on account of different cultures will happen if the staff are lack of knowledge and skills of communication during the daily operations and external exchanges. It will have an influence on working efficiency and reduce the competitiveness of company. Therefore, cultural difference is a problem that human resource must overcome in enterprise internationalization and multinational management.

Managements are restricted by culture, if multinational corporations want to do intercultural management successfully, they must have their staff trained. Therefore, the basic solution to solve cultural differences in human resource is to take intercultural training.

The purpose of intercultural training

To make staff know cultures from different countries and respect each others’ culture can resolve the crisis that are caused by cultural differences in daily life. For staff and administrators, the final purpose of intercultural training is to make them view and describe cultural differences without any prejudice, to know the inevitability and rationality of differences.

Mandarin Club provides you with the most professional intercultural courses. Help your foreign staff integrate into Chinese management mode quickly. Reduce the negative influence of cultural differences. Improve working efficiency.

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